Vislink MSAT

Man-portable satellite antenna system

The Mantis MSAT Man Portable Data Terminal is a highly portable tri-band satellite antenna system designed for rapid deployment in hostile environments. Available with either a 65, 90 or 120cm reflector its small size and weight make it ideal for secure and non-secure satellite communications for a variety of applications.

Product Features:

- X, Ku, Frequency Bands (for Ka Band enquiries, please contact Vislink for more information)
- Man Portable, IATA Compliant
- Mains or Battery Operation
- 5 Minutes to Air
- 65, 90, 120cm Reflectors
- ITAR Free

Motorized Mantis MSAT

Ultra-lightweight satellite antenna

The Motorized Mantis MSAT is a lightweight, Satellite terminal that can be set-up anywhere to provide secure and non-secure data and video transmission in as little as five minutes.

The Motorized Mantis MSAT supports X, Ku and Ka-Band configurations ensuring worldwide coverage is available at all times. Frequency bands can be swapped in the field in under a minute. Designed for rapid deployment in hostile environments and now has a full 1 button auto acquire operation.

Product Features:
- 1 Button Auto Acquire
- 3 Axis simultaneous motorisation
- X, Ku Frequency Bands
- Mains or Battery Operation
- 5 Minutes to Air
- 90, 120cm Reflectors
- ITAR Free, IATA Compliant


4K HEVC Multi-Format Exciter with IP Streaming

The DVE6100 is a compact 4k multi-format, multi-channel exciter – ideally suited to flyaway and vehicle mounted applications where size and weight is at a premium.


4K UHD HEVC Multi-Format DVB-S2X Integrated Receiver Decoder

The Advent IRD6200 is a compact 4K UHD multi format Integrated Receiver Decoder that is ideally suited to News and Events applications where size, weight, and channel density is at a premium.

The Advent IRD6200 offers ultimate satellite bandwidth efficiency by utilising the latest HEVC video compression and DVB-S2X satellite demodulation technology – allowing a 50 percent reduction in leased satellite bandwidth compared to MPEG-4, DVB-S2 technology dramatically reducing satellite OPEX.

As a multi-format IRD the IRD6200 has the ability to decode video of all resolutions from SD to highest quality 4K UHD including High Dynamic Range. In addition to HEVC decoding, the IRD6200 also supports legacy H.264 and MPEG-2 decoding.