ADVENT ACU5000 Series Antenna Controller

The ACU5000 Antenna Controller is housed within a compact 5000 series ½ rack-width unit making this the smallest and lightest full-blown Antenna Control system in the marketplace. At the entry level the ACU5012 is used for manual control of Advent's range of motorised antenna systems whilst still enabling fully automatic stow and deploy. Addition of a GPS Antenna and Flux Gate compass allows the ACU5000 to be software upgradeable to ACU5214 auto-point or ACU5216 full auto-acquisition. The GPS and Compass can connect either directly to the ACU5000 or to a DCU5000 Drive Controller which is embedded in many Advent Antenna Systems.

ADVENT APS5000 1:1 SHF Protection Switch

The APS5000 is a compact ½ rack width 1RU SHF Protection Switch covering C through to DBS TX Bands. The APS5000 is typically, but not exclusively, used with a pair of AUC58xx Advent BUCs to provide 1:1 protection. This is normally under control from a ASC5000 System Controller although the APS can function "stand-alone".

ADVENT ASC5000 System Controller

The ASC5000 is a compact ½ rack width 1RU Redundancy Controller used to provide switching of the signal path on failure of the units monitored within a SNG Uplink Chain. When used in Redundant SNG Flyaway systems the ASC5000 half rack-width size integrates with the other 5000 series system components to enable use of the AFD500x lightweight ½ width Flight cases for all system components keeping system complexity and weight to a minimum.


The ASF5000 Satfinder is used as a manual aid for satellite signal acquisition. The Satfinder includes a complete, updateable database of satellite orbit positional data and using the integral GPS receiver connected to the supplied GPS antenna is able to calculate the required Azimuth, Elevation and Polarisation skew to aid the operator with initial Antenna positioning. In addition, the Satfinder includes an integral Beacon Receiver and will tune to the required frequency producing an audible tone when the beacon signal is detected.

ADVENT AUC58xx Weatherproof Half Rack Width BUC

The AUC5800 is a high performance IP65 ODU block Upconverter with input at L Band, and output versions for C, X, Ku or DBS bands. The AUC58xx is also rack mountable by additional of the mounting ears which converts the AUC58xx Block Upconverter to half rack-width 192 x 1RU format.