FOR-A LTR-100HS6 / 120HS6

The LTR Series is a standalone video archiving recorder fitted with an LTO (Linear Tape Open) drive. By adopting enormous volume of Terabyte and capability of LTFS file data, LTR series recorders can be used as platforms for material or program exchange.
This series offers many useful features, including HD/SD-SDI input/output, broadcast quality codec, and MXF (OP-1a) wrapping and unwrapping. MXF files recorded on LTO can also be used with non-linear editing systems.


The LTS-60 is a LTFS-based media archiving server for LTO-5 and LTO-6 drives, respectively. Reading and writing of files on LTO tape is possible via FTP from Windows or OS X computers. An ideal small-scale archiving and backup solution.


These two models (MBP-120SX/125SX) are compact (1U) video clip servers equipped with HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs and a solid-state drive (SSD) for recording. Record and play MXF files compatible with Sony XDCAM/XDCAM HD/XDCAM HD422. Clips can be transferred or saved over Gigabit Ethernet. Highly versatile and reliable, the servers can be used in a variety of applications including ingest, playback, and even program playout using a playout system.


The MBP-100MP is a 1RU size multi-format player offering HD-SDI output of miscellaneous files. The major file formats used in video production, including various MXF files like XDCAM HD and P2HD are supported. The unit is very useful for building a file-based system allowing for the effective use of existing baseband system assets.