Mischer & Keyer


Ein kompakter Bildmischer mit Features, die man sonst nur bei größeren Mischern findet.

  • 8 Eingänge als Standard, erweiterbar auf bis zu 14, mit Optionskarten für verschiedenen Video-Signalarten
  • Alle Eingänge mit Frame-Synchroniser, 4 mit Up/Down-Konverter (erweiterbar auf 8)
  • 4+1 Ausgänge als Standard, erweiterbar auf bis zu 8+1, mit Optionskarten für verschiedene Video-Signalarten (sowie zusätzlich bis zu 4 downkonvertierte SD-SDI-Ausgänge)
  • 1 Mischebene plus bis zu 2 "virtuelle ME" über AUX-Busse realisierbar
  • 8 AUX-Busse, beherrschen alle Hartschnitt und Mischblende
  • 2 DSK, können der ME oder AUX-Bussen zugewiesen werden
  • weitere 2 Keyer, alle mit 2,5D DVE
  • hochwertiger Chroma-Keyer, kann jedem Keyer oder DSK zugeordnet werden
  • 2 Still- bzw. Clip-Stores mit je bis zu 9 Sekunden HD-Video
  • Makros, frei belegbare User Buttons, Event Memory
  • Bedienung und Setup über integrierte Web-Oberfläche möglich
  • 16-Split-Multiviewer, wird auch zum Webbrowser gestreamt
  • weitere AUX-Panel anschließbar

Diesen Mischer haben wir als Opens internal link in current windowDemo-Gerät für Sie zum Test bereit.


Der Bildmischer mit der gleichen Funktionsvielfalt wie der HVS-100, nur noch kompakter: Main-Unit und Bedienpanel befinden sich in einem Gehäuse (One Piece). Mit 12 Eingängen und 8+1 Ausgängen verfügt der HVS-110 über reichlich Anschlussmöglichkeiten für HD/SD-SDI und einen HDMI-Ausgang. 8 Eingänge verfügen über einen Frame Store, 4 Eingände zusätzlich über eine "Resizing Engine", die das nahtlose Mischen von HD- und SD-Signalen ermöglicht.


HVS-490 switcher inherits key technology of HVS-2000 and HVS-390HS while opening the door to even more affordable 4K production. Exclusive MELite™ technology extends the switcher’s 2 M/Es to offer 6 M/E performance.*1 Expand your switching capabilities even more by assigning FLEXaKEY™ or feature rich 2.5D DVE, for compositing with up to 12 keyers. Take advantage of this truly broad range of switching in live production.

FOR-A HVS-1200

New 12G-SDI 1M/E switcher on the scene
This new switcher builds on the features of the HANABI HVS-100/110 and HVS-490 video switchers and adds 12G-SDI support as standard. One or two M/E switching (in 4K(UHD) and HD mode, respectively) is just the start. Enjoy two or six M/E performance in these modes thanks to FOR-A’s MELite™ technology. The compact, 3U form factor is exceedingly portable, making the HVS-1200 the perfect choice for mobile production or events.
10 12G-SDI inputs come standard on this compact unit. Use as a switcher in HD mode with 40 inputs and 2M/Es. Can be used mainly for HD switching while switching to 4K(UHD) as needed. Enjoy convenient operation in HD mode and smoother migration to a 4K(UHD) environment.
In 4K(UHD) mode, the switcher features 10 inputs and 10 outputs, including two outputs for HDMI 2.0 Level B. Mixed inputs of 12G-SDI and quad link 3G-SDI are supported. Two 3G-SDI I/Os for 29.97p/25p/24p/23.98p. In HD mode, 40 inputs and ten outputs are supported, including two outputs for HDMI 2.0 Level B.

FOR-A HVS-2000

The new HVS-2K engine is a powerful 6 Video M/E machine and a game changer in today’s video production switchers.

  • 6 M/E capability: 2 M/E + UNIQUE 4 MELite™ with FLEXaKEY™ architecture
  • 24 in/18 out standard. Up to 48 in/18 out or 40 in/22 out (optional)
  • 6 I/O expansion slots: HVS-100 series optional cards can be installed
  • PGM, PVW and 2 CLEAN outputs per M/E
  • Multi format: HD/SD/HDMI/Analog/VGA (optional)
  • 3G/4K Ready (S/W option)
  • 4 x Keyers per M/E, and 4 x FLEXaKEYs™ (assignable to M/E or AUX, even has a unique method to all more MELite™) Up to 6 keyers to M/E1, up to 8 keyers to M/E2, and up to 4 keyers to AUX are assignable
  • 8x 2.5D DVE plus 4x 3D DVE (3D DVE is optional)
  • 18 Auxiliary buses (2 HDMI, 12 AUX transition, 6 MELite™ function)
  • Control panel with RGB color buttons and 7-inch touch panel GUI
  • 4 Multi viewers (standard: 2, up to 64 windows)
  • All inputs have FS with Still image store and capture
  • 4 Still/Clip media player. Image store is 4 channel, with access to pool of 900 frames/ 30 seconds¡ of on line clip playback
  • Chroma keyers + 2 Advanced Chroma Keyers (optional)
  • Easy operation with Midas Touch™: ONStage™ mode for stage and multiscreen application

FOR-A HVS-4000 Serie

FOR-A's HVS-4000 Series are a 2 M/E, 2.5 M/E, or 3 M/E multi format video switcher. It has a wide range of features, including HD/SD mixed input, 3 Gbps support, 2.5D and 3D DVE, multiviewer, up/down converter, external device control, macro function and video file support. It also comes with a number of interfaces and functions for connecting to external devices, making it extremely useful as the core device in your video production system.

FOR-A CG-Portable

Compact and cost-efficient character generator. Provides a wide array of text and graphic functions at an affordable price.

 - Easy setup and control via Web-GUI to quickly get captions up and running
 - Supports 3G/HD-SDI input and output
 - Fill and key mixing over live background video or uploaded graphics
 - Two independent text overlays support horizontal crawl and vertical roll
 - Independent multi-lingual support for text overlay
 - Static and animated logo insertion
 - Timer overlay with up/down count
 - Over 70 frames of graphic playback buffer
 - External reference input available


A full-featured telestrator for the 4K era
Annotate or draw on video using a touch-screen computer monitor or wirelessly connected tablet as you check the point of insertion. Without requiring you to work at a console, the system enables a variety of scenarios.
Choose from four models for specific needs, including a FVW-7SO 4K model.

 - Edge joining:
   Edges of lines you draw can be recognized as outlines of a larger shape and joined, using a more   advanced edge-rendering algorithm.
 - Automatic freehand formation:
   Improved automatic freehand formation with noise reduction (algorithm) allows smooth objects to be shaped, and sharp angles to be achieved.
 - Chroma keyer:
   Draw objects that will only cover images of a specified color in the video. In this example, specify green to avoid covering players with the objects you draw.
 - Simultaneous input from multiple tablets:
   Control the telestrator wirelessly from tablets running a dedicated app.