3G/4G Mobilfunk

Wir bieten Ihnen Geräte für die Übertragung über 3G/4G-Mobilfunknetze von


The thinnest H.265 encoder with up to four camera inputs and data bonding

The Agile AirLink is with its 50 mm the thinnest and most advanced unit available in the market. Weighing just over 1.5 kg, the AirLink is the racecar of the bonding units, providing the most reliable and feature-rich live transmission device to any broadcaster or journalist.

The Airlink is our wearable ruggedized transmitter that transmits up to four videostreams in H.265/HEVC and bonds eight combined 3G/4G connections for high-quality live streaming using Mobile Viewpoint's award-winning bonding technology. H.265 live video transmission offers the same quality at lower bandwidth consumption, but also saves money when using datacards. It is also possible to add WiFi and Ethernet connections to AirLink to maximize the upload capacity.


Low cost H.264/H.265 Live streaming

Transmit live video from any location and go live on YouTube or other streaming platforms with the BaseLink low-cost streaming solution. BaseLink gives you a live video connection regardless of your location using bonded fixed, WiFi, 3G and 4G mobile network connections.

Housed in aluminium, BaseLink contains four modems (upgradable to 6) and can bundle up to six mobile network channels and one fixed IP connection to provide sufficient upstream bandwidth for HD video. There is also an option to add WiFi and Ethernet connections to maximize bandwidth and ensure the highest-quality video streaming. BaseLink’s upstream bandwidth ranges between 256 Kbps and 12 Mbps.


WMT Datalink - Portable Internet Hotspot

The Mobile Viewpoint DataLink is a portable internet hotspot that can provide up to 200 Mbit data bonding. The hotspot uses the bonded bandwidth of all available IP connections together, providing enormous upload speeds anywhere in the field.

The DataLink supports 4 mobile networks via the built-in modems, LAN and WiFi (if on site available). The device is housed in aluminium casing and can be managed and controlled via the touchscreen on the unit itself. Besides the touchscreen, the device can be managed and controlled via the web-based Linkmatrix platform.  

All encoders in the field can be remotely managed and controlled via Linkmatrix, a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device. This means non-technical journalists and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly. Linkmatrix can manage individual encoders, destinations, show proxies,  record & go, video return, transmission and cellular networks and other set ups and configurations.


WMT TerraLink Mini (M)

Smallest H.264/H.265 IP encoder for live streaming, upgradable with modems

The TerraLink Mini encoder supports smaller broadcasters and content owners who want to broadcast live video but do not want to invest in costly large-scale solutions.

This product from Mobile Viewpoint proves smaller players can meet today’s tier-one demands for live online video.

The TerraLink Mini encoder is small enough to fit in your pocket. Its H.265/HEVC encoder allows broadcasters and content owners to go live from any location. Its USB port allows users to connect modems that can support cellular connections, enabling the streaming of superior-quality live video from any location where there is mobile connectivity, while on the go.


WMT Agile UltraLink 4K Enterprise Encoder

H264/H.265 Encoders For Mobile and Remote production

The Agile UltraLink 4K is the first bonded backpack transmitter that provides real 4K. It is capable of delivering true 50/60 frames-per-second 4K and Ultra HD video quality from the field using 4G bonding technology.

Besides its 4K abilities, the UltraLink boosts 4x 3G and  1x 12G inputs for added performance and flexibility, as well as supporting both H.265 and H.264 encoding, which ensures total end-to-end compliance using standard-based decoders or IRDs.

MOBILE VIEWPOINT TrolleyLive Remote Pro

Portable, affordable, mobile for live streaming

TrolleyLive Remote Pro is an all-in-one-production set-up for mobile and remote live broadcasts that is all self-contained in one manageable box.


With TrolleyLive Remote Pro, making a complete live production has never been easier. Ideal for remote journalists, reporters, professional vloggers, eventers and remote commentators, it allows content creators to record, edit and stream live full HD-quality video back to a broadcast center, or stream directly to social media.


The unit contains everything needed to do a complete live indoor/outdoor video production remotely complete with PTZ camera, screen and an encoder that can connect to the internet via a LAN port, Wifi and there is an upgrade option to use multiple SIM cards. The encoder utilizes H.265, the latest in video compression, and can bond together SIM cards from different providers for reliability. The box has an XLR input port for connecting any compatible microphone. A microphone can also be included as an option.


WMT TerraLink REMI Encoder (2U)

Rackmount encoders for OB and Remote Production for Live Streaming, upgradable with bonded modems

The WMT Terralink encoder family is Mobile Viewpoint’s portable servers that are typically used for professional outside broadcast and other point-to-point live streaming needs. The 19” rack mountable units can be used in SNG trucks, outside broadcast vans or studio set-up’s to send live video streams reliably, in high quality and with low latency. The enhanced REMI encoder provides additional remote production features.

The enhanced  2U Terralink xKxC (where K is the video format and C is number of video input channels) is a multi-camera encoder that can support up to 4 inputs and up to 4K video formats.

The standard 1U Terralink encoder can support video return, IFB and the option of bonded internal modems (5G/4G/3G) within the 1U form factor.

The enhanced 2U server additionally supports REMI (remote production) features  including RCP control, Tally Light control and an enhanced IFB intercom utilizing integrated PreSonus hardware within the encoder.

All encoders can operate with the WMT range of decoders that are installed at the receiving end. The 2U enhanced encoder requires the 2U equivalent decoder to take advantage of the REMI features.

MOBILE VIEWPOINT 1U Standard Decoder & Playout

WMT Debonder and Playout Server - Standard

1U server for HD-SDI, 4K-SDI and/or IP output at receiver end

Supports full HD (1080) + 4K
Outputs: SDI (3G & 12G) + IP streams

The WMT family of portable receivers are Mobile Viewpoint’s decoding and playout servers that are typically located at the receiving location. As a vital part of the Mobile Viewpoint broadcast and live streaming workflow, receivers enable the debonding, decoding and playout of simultaneous live SD, HD and 4K video streams generated by Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT encoder fleet.  
For standard playout, Mobile Viewpoint provides a 1U server with up to 4x HD-SDI outputs.

Enhanced additional features:

Standard – 1, 2 or 4 livestreams output options (HD-SDI)
1x 4K stream output available (12G – 4K-SDI) on certain models
SDI Playout: 3G and 12G
1U Server –  standard debond, decode and playout (includes IFB)
Remote Managed – Fully manageable by LinkMatrix

MOBILE VIEWPOINT 2U Enhanced Decoder & Playout

Supports full HD (1080) + 4K
Outputs: SDI (3G & 12G) + IP streams with REMI features & modem option

REMI Enabled Decoders for use with Remote Production producing  HD-SDI, 4K-SDI and IP Output at the receiver end

The WMT family of portable receivers are Mobile Viewpoint’s decoding and playout servers that are typically located at the receiving location. As a vital part of the Mobile Viewpoint broadcast and live streaming workflow, receivers enable the debonding, decoding and playout of simultaneous live SD, HD and 4K video streams generated by Mobile Viewpoint’s WMT encoder fleet.

The 2U enhanced version provide additional REMI features that includes RCP control of the camera, Tally Light and a PreSonus interface for additional audio intercom functionality.


LinkMatrix Management Portal

Hosted Service for managing all WMT devices in the field and the receiving location
LinkMatrix is a free-to-use management platform that operates from a browser on any device for managing all WMT products remotely. This means non-technical presenters and production people in the field do not need to manage the units directly. LinkMatrix can manage individual encoders, select receivers, show video proxies of live streams, take control of encoders, enable record & go, set-up video return, analyze networks and perform other set ups, configurations and diagnostics.

LinkMatrix has a host of configuration and operational statistics for viewing and troubleshooting including cellular and network connectivity.

LinkMatrix can determine which decoder destination and decide which physical output on the decoder device to live stream to.

LinkMatrix also supports full cloud decoding (as a subscription) and can transcode to a variety of different video formats and stream to a different range of social media, CDN, OTT or other IP video platforms.


IQ vPilot

AI Driven Automated Studio

vPilot is an automated studio system utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is a studio set-up that does not require camera people or an onsite director but designed to create visually compelling content. Ideal for lower cost studio productions, vPilot can be utilized for a range of production requirements including studio round table discussions, news delivery, speaking events and corporate communications. vPilot uses the power of AI to direct the cameras and to automatically direct the shots based on who is talking and their importance within the discussion.

Productions can include graphics, dynamic ticker tape, overlays and video insertions which can be simply inserted by the talent via the easy-to-use vPanel. The director set-up is part of the management platform where it is possible to configure preferences based on the directors needs.

Ideal for:

    Budget and emergency News Studios
    Radio Stations looking to web-stream
    Professional Live Webinars and Live podcasts
    Corporates providing professional TV communications
    Live Events on stage streaming to social media/screens
    Low cost broadcast productions such as podcasts