Kamera-Support & Kräne

EASYRIG Minimax with STABIL Light

EASYRIG hat für das MINIMAX einen neuen speziellen STABIL Light Arm entwickelt.
Der STABIL Light Arm wurde entwickelt, um Gimbal Systeme zwischen 2-7 kg (4-15lbs) zu unterstützen.
Er hilft dabei, Handaufnahmen bis zu einem gewissen Grad zu stabilisieren und gleichzeitig Ihren Rücken zu schonen.
Dadurch können Sie den Gimbal und die Kamera über einen viel längeren Zeitraum verwenden.
Nur kompatibel mit dem Easyrig Minimax (ab Seriennummer MM8178).

- Verbessertes Power Pack mit 2-7kg Nutzlast
- Neuer STABIL Light Arm stabilisiert Ihre Aufnahmen
- inkl. Kamerahaken
- Überlastungsschutz
- Minimax Weste
- Inklusive Minimax Tragetasche

VOCAS Handheld Kits

Vocas bietet eine Vielzahl von Handheld-Lösungen für nahezu jede Kamera an. Basis sind der klassische Shoulder Mount sowie die neuen Universal Shoulder Mounts. Mit zahlreichen Zubehörteilen können Rigs nach Ihren Anforderungen zusammengestellt werden.

Einen sehr guten Überblick über das große Sortiment bietet die Opens external link in current windowWebsite von Vocas. Wir beraten Sie gerne.


The team at Easyrig is happy to announce the Easyrig Minimax with a weightrange between 2-7 kilo!

By turning the knob in the back you can change the tension on the line to fit your camera weight.

Easyrig want to have zero complaints about their products. Therefore, we have redesigned our two models of the Easyrig Mini into one complete new product, the Easyrig Minimax.

The new spring system we developed has significantly resulted in a smoother running of the support rope : Refers to the beginning and end of the rope force. This is because we constructed a conical wheel that unrolls the rope. We have also reduced the friction through the entire support process in the new Minimax resulting in a much more fluid feel and operation.

The new Easyrig Minimax also has an overload protection system we have developed. If you over load the spring system a Tripping Mechansim will operate. Overload Protection is our own idea and development. It means the spring will not be broken if you use too heavy a camera. 


EASYRIG Cinema 3

Cinema 3 is the heavy duty model for 35 mm movie cameras. Equipped with the patented Easyrig System, Cinema 3 is specially designed for professional photographers working with handheld equipment with weights between 15 – 25 kg. Cinema 3 can be used with both video and motion picture cameras.

Cinema 3 is manufactured in Sweden and has been ergonomically tested with optimal results that give you the advantages of both a handheld and tripod mounted camera; i.e. with the speed and mobility of the handheld camera you can still achieve steady pictures. It also has improved steadiness because of the integrated hip and back support.

Easyrig Vario 5

The Easyrig Vario 5 has an adjustable weight range from 5-17kg (11-38 lbs). By turning the adjustment screw located on the back, you can easily change the tension / power of the line.

The Easyrig Vario 5 gives you the same advantages as our other Easyrig models with the added benefit of being able to adjust the line tension to adapt to many different cameras and configurations.

The Easyrig Vario 5 still delivers the same steady hand held shots while relieving strain on your back, neck and shoulders. The load is redistributed to the hips allowing you to shoot hand held in comfort for hours.





POLECAM Starter Pack / Starter Pack+

The Polecam system uses Carbon Fibre tubes that slot together to create a reach from 1.5m (5') to 8m (26'). The System is designed around a modular aluminium 'back-end'.

A precision electronic, remote controlled, Pan/Tilt head fits to the carbon poles creating a simple yet effective CameraCrane, the Starter Pack Plus is the next step up that allows you to build a crane to suit your needs.

  • User Friendly
  • Modular
  • Cost effective
  • Super lightweight - 16kg / 35lbs (depending on PSP components)
  • Compact, packs into a Peli 1770
  • Easy to adjust to different length

Whether you want to shoot from the back of a car, on a boat or the edge of a mountain, the Polecam System gets into tight spots where a traditional crane would be out of the question.

Not included, choose your own: Tripod, counterbalance weights, monitor, batteries, transport case.


The Polecam Professional Pack (PPP) has been created as the ultimate in portability for those that just want to add their camera. Packed in just 2 Pelicases -1770 and 1600, the PPP is based on the market leading Polecam Starter Pack Plus (PSP+) with the additions of the typical accessories that many purchase - 2 additional pieces of carbon fibre boom for when that extra reach is needed, Wire Strut System to enhance stability when using the rig in harsh conditions or on the move, Weather proof covers for the Remote P&T head, Joystick, Monitor and Backend, a set of 4 PAG batteries including charger for those remote daily shoots, harness for filming in those precarious or access restricted areas, Tripod and counterbalance weights and rubble sack (an excellent alternative to barbell weights when the shoot location is remote and weight carrying is at a premium).

The PPP retains the Polecam ethos of a modular product and can be configured with any of the 3 new precision electronic pan & tilt heads Long, Wide or Narrow; and with the addition of an extra cable or two, can accommodate the Fishface underwater head and the very low profile 2010BB head.

POLECAM Narrow Head

Polecam's all new electronic hot head is a versatile remote control pan/tilt unit for either on Polecam use or as a stand alone remote hot head.

To facilitate unlimited panning the Narrow Head has power and monitoring options built in via slip rings on the head. A power tap (Hirose), monitoring (BNC) and an iris drive connection (4-pin binder) are provided.

The Narrow Head is designed with flexibility in mind and you can detach the Polecam mounting bracket drop arm (4 screws) and that will reveal a 3/8 UNC threaded plate screwed to the drop arm, remove this and screw it to the top of the Narrow Head. Attach the inverted head to whatever suits your intended use.

The main difference between the Wide and Narrow head is the use of different gearboxes and gearing.

The Narrow Head maximum pan speed is 2x faster than the Wide Head so it completes a 360 degree pan in 2.75 seconds. The slowest Pan speed is 360 degrees in 15 minutes which is about 15 times slower that the older Polecam heads.

The Narrow Head version is ideal for Minicams and split head cameras such as the IndieCam, IO Industries, Panasonic & Toshiba.


The Long Head by Polecam is specially designed for larger Cameras such as the Canon C300 and the Panasonic AF101. The Long Head benefits from full electronic control with pulse encoded Faulhaber motors used for both pan and tilt operations.

To facilitate unlimited panning the Long Head has power and monitoring options built in via slip rings on the head, designed to monitor a composite signal the BNC actually handles HD SDI which is a useful bonus! (for monitoring purposes only) Power is provided to enable camera DC adapters to be used and there is an iris drive power outlet for our small iris drive motors (used with split head Toshiba cameras and similar mini cams).

The Long Head is designed with flexibility in mind and you can detach the Polecam mounting bracket drop arm (4 screws) and that will reveal a 3/8 UNC threaded plate screwed to the drop arm, remove this and screw it to the top of the Wide Head. Attach the inverted head to whatever suits your intended use.