portable Monitore


More powerful - New hardware
High resolution picture, low latency, improved Peaking

With its new hardware, the StarliteHD+ has all StarliteHD V2 functionalities and much more. It provides an increased picture resolution, low latency, and an improved Peaking enhancing its many capabilities further and making it also an excellent choice for different oriented jobs such us focus pulling. The StarliteHD+ now accepts SDI 3G Level A and Level B


New generation of 7" high-end monitor
3G HD/SD - SDI LCD Monitor - Recorder
With 1920 x 1080 FullHD display

An essential production tool for directors and focus-pullers
More than ever the monitor-recorder has become an essential production and engineering tool for those involved in broadcast and cinematography, including directors, D.O.P.s, focus pullers, technical directors and engineers. The Stargate provides all the necessary functions in an intuitive interface with top Transvideo accuracy and reliability.
The Stargate has a fast path processing with a “immediate display’ capabilities with no latency. You can get the camera output directly without any introduced delay, increasingly important in many shooting situations.

TRANSVIDEO StarliteHD-m "Metadator"

StarliteHD-m "Metadator"
Monitor - Recorder with metadata agregator

Despite of its small form factor, the StarliteHD-m is an advanced electronic toolbox
But the essential power of the StarliteHD-m resides in its ability to gather information from the different smart devices it is connected to :
Metadata transmitted through the SDI signal,
Camera information through the Ethernet link,
Lens metadata through Cooke /i or Zeiss eXtended serial link

The StarliteHD-m is the missing link - It agregates data from lenses and cameras.
Files are generated onto a SD card and are immediately available to be processed through the plugins developped by the lens manufacturer, providing a non-negligible gain of time. No need of complicated software to do that.

TRANSVIDEO CineMonitorUHD Evolution

CineMonitorUHD Evolution
6G / UHD / 3G /HD / SD - SDI LCD monitor

The ultimate toolbox, from 6" to 15"
The CineMonitorUHD Evolution features unique tools, such as the LensReaderª, that reads and displays in real time the lens metadata of /i and LDS lenses. It also includes a CineTape Measure communication to display in real time the measured distance.

Outdoor or studio, from 6" to 15"
8", 10", 12" eSBL, 15" SBL, 6" SBL+ and 8" X-SBL models available. eSBL and X-SBL are designed to be used in full sun without hood wile maintaining details in both dark areas and highlights. SBL+ is a superbright model without optical bonding